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Tru Members and Friends,

Tuesday September 2nd marks the beginning of a new era for TruFitness as we relocate to and join forces with Elite Athletics in Roseville. We wanted to make sure you knew where to go, what you need to do and how to keep your fitness efforts moving forward effortlessly this week. Learn more...


Personal Training

When you're looking to push yourself a little harder or learn the basics — Our personal  trainers operate their own independent businesses within TruFitness and are held to extremely high standards when training our members.  To learn more...


Tru Way

TruFitness is for real people like you. TruFitness represents inclusion, passion and fun. If you feel stuck or ready for change, TruFitness wants to become an invaluable part of your daily life.   Our entire team is committed to building long-lasting, meaningful relationships with one another and with our members. Connect with us and stay up-to-date on everything happening at TruFitness.  


  • Tru Skin

  • Massage

  • Salon

Your skin is our passion – Unparalleled service is our mission.

TruReflections is here to be your trusted partner in assisting you with any and all of your skin care challenges, ensuring that you have the healthiest and most attractive skin possible. Please call 812-0410 to make your appointment.

Let massage revive you!  Call for your appointment today.
Kim Burke, Healing Massage

Tru Image Salon is a separate business within our facility offered for the convenience of our members, as well as being open to anyone in our community. The Salon is open for appointments seven days a week and members are offered priority time slots during the busy times of the year. Please call 916-780-2200 to make your appointment.

Connect With Us

From our blog

Don't be afraid of fats!
Healthy fat, that is. They are much more dense and energy-efficient as a fuel source than carbohydrates. Also, your body becomes better at burning fats for energy if you consume them. So, we encourage you to give this a try while experimenting with your diet to find out what works best for you. Lower your carbohydrate intake and increase your healthy fats. Also, aim to get most of your carbohydrates from vegetables. Some healthy fat recommendations:  avocado, coconut/almond milk, whole eggs, nuts (in moderation), and powdered hemp in a shake.
Want to lose inches? 
Just a little pre-planning with your TruFitness schedule to get in three classes of yoga, pilates or BodyFlow every week will be a sure-fire way to lose inches. Complement your other work-outs by lengthening your muscles and working the smaller muscle groups.  You  will finder greater ease with activities, more range of motion, and increased energy.  Give these "body-friendly" classes a try. 


TruFitness Location

1209 Pleasant Grove Blvd.
Roseville, CA 95678

WE HAVE MOVED! New address is below:

10560 Industrial Ave, Suite 150

Roseville, CA 95678

Phone: 916-782-8111
Fax: 916-782-8119